High Blood Pressure (HBP) Symptoms & Preventive Lifestyle Measures

What is High Blood Pressure (HBP)?

Hypertension or HBP is a body condition where your blood pressure levels increase to a level that is unhealthy. It measures how fast your blood is passing through your veins and the same the time the amount of resistance the blood meets whilst it’s pumping.


Hypertension is quite common nowadays every 3 out of 5 are living with this health condition. Hypertension develops silently and you may not notice symptoms easily. Even with no clear symptoms, HBP can cause severe damage to your blood vessels and arteries. The narrower your arteries are the more HBP you’ll have. Over years such conditions create trouble as narrow arteries elevate resistance.

The domestic and global markets are flooded with the host of health supplements that cater to the needs of individuals when it comes to HBP. But what matters the most is which one has got natural ingredients and safe to use.  Alistrol is one such supplement in the market which is safe and natural to use. Alistrol ingredients are natural and 100% safe to use by HBP patients.

What are the symptoms of HBP?

Like I mentioned, HBP is usually a silent condition. Generally, peeps will not experience any signs. It may take years and years to get to the moment where you reach to a condition where it becomes apparent. Even then these signs may be attributed to other issues.

Symptoms of HBP:

Headaches, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, traces of blood in the urines, faintness, visual changes, and nosebleeds are some of the visible symptoms. However, these symptoms may not occur in every individual but it can turn into a fatal one if not figured on time.

Now you must be wondering if symptoms are not always visible then how can we get to know if we are having HBP or not. The simple and best way to know if you’ve got this health condition you can get regular blood pressure readings to get the exact condition.

Lifestyle Changes to Prevent HBP

Hypertension is a serious health concern here’s why I have come up with healthy lifestyle changes that can help you control the factors that cause HBP.

  • Fix Your Nutrition

Consuming a well-balanced diet is your first fix towards preventing HBP. A diet which is heart-healthy essential for helping reduces HBP. It aids in controlling HBP. It also helps in fixing the risk of complications including heart attack, stroke, and heart disease.

A diet which is heart-healthy includes fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains, protein (lean), and increase physical activity. Increased physical activity not only reduces weight but also helps in reducing stress and helps in lowering HBP along with strengthening your heart health.

  • Workout

All you need is to get active five times a week for five days. In total 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. If you’re overweight then you can lose weight and so your blood pressure.

  • Combat Stress

Taking control of your stress is a great way to prevent HBP or hypertension. We live in a very busy hustling life where a lot needs to be done and we hardly get time for ourselves that non-stop grueling elevates HBP and having a “Me Time” is a great way to unburden yourself. Apart from this meditation, deep breathing for a couple of minutes in a day, massages and stretches all these can make you combat stress.

Getting your head around having a good night sleep is a great and cheap way to combat stress. Sleeping on time helps control your stress hormone called cortisol which when goes out of the way can create stress which in turn can increase your heart rate.

Check out the most effective and best-selling whey proteins

The nutrient named Protein is an indispensable nutrient which is discovered in all the body parts. After water, it’s the majorly profuse and significant element found in our body. The proteins are formulated by means of various amino acids settled in a specific manner. There’s no conclusion or an end to the likely combinations, so there are many different kinds of protein available.

Infinite arrangement signifies that not every protein is made equal, particularly when talking about building your physique. Protein’s elementary task is to form, preserve, and mending the tissues in our body.

Below we have listed the best whey proteins that might help you a great deal in building up your body.

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Optimum Nutrition is the best-selling supplement of whey protein. The ON whey protein has provided a lot of positive results all over the globe. It is the majorly favorite brand worldwide. It is a mixture of 3 influential whey proteins to provide optimum effects.

Whey Gold Standard

It assists in encouraging muscle growth and helping in the recovery of tissues. It comprises of 24gms of protein, 3gms of carbohydrate, and 110 calories in each serving. On comprises of 4gms of glutamic acid and glutamine in each serving.

Muscletech Phase 8

Muscletech Phase 8 comprises of 26gms of protein, 7gms carbs, and 150 calories in every quota. It is amazing as a pre-sleeping drink to make your muscles glad all over the night. The biological value of its protein resources is really high.

It comprises of 5gms of glutamine in every serving, which assists in boosting the energy stages. It offers protein for a period of nearly 8 hours. It has been formulated having a continued release expertise that aids keep muscles nourished for hours after your workout.

Dymatize Iso-100

Dymatize Iso is the whey protein that has been awarded a lot of prizes and trophies for its amazing blend. The brand ambassador for this brand is the animal himself, the Brock Lesnar.

Dymatize Iso-100

This brand comprises of 25gms of protein, zero carbohydrates, and 106 calories in each scoop. It comprises of 5gms of BCAAs in each serving. This whey protein digests rapidly, powering your physique directly following your gym.

Nature’s Best Zero Carb Isopure

It has been reflected as the finest whey protein for all the women out there, owing to the low-calorie and the low-carb formulation of the product. Nature’s Best Zero Carb Isopure comprises of 50 gms of 100% whey protein isolates in each scoop.

It comprises of zero carbs as well as 220 calories in every scoop. It assists in inspiring muscle development and expands fat loss. This blend has been created by means of high-class whey protein.

The best nutritious foods to consume to make hair grow faster

On every occasion when we witness a superstar having glossy long hair, rebounding with strength, we have a tendency to become green with jealousy! Or else we nod it off, saying to ourselves that those celebs have got those lovely locks, credits to the Photoshop. However, the point is, all the women celebs make efforts to turn their hair that way. They pay attention and treat their manes—and the outcomes are exhibited for one and all to understand.

Approved, in today’s firm paced ecosphere, outlaying some hours inside a beauty salon is slightly unworkable. However, in case you desire hair that lusters with strength, you are going to require pampering them not just on the outside but within the scalp too!

Your diet is needed to comprise of the nutrients that are going to assist your hair to become strong. There are a lot of people in distress due to baldness, hair loss, and unfitting hair growth. The lone solution to battle this problem is an appropriate diet chart, which is high in proteins as well as nutrients.

Good amount of protein along with nutritious foods that might assist healthy hair growth are as follows:

Egg Yolk


You might have caught that putting on egg white to your curls turns them healthy but are you conscious of the statistic that egg yolk has a lot of perks? Well, the yolk of the egg is the main ingredient that enhances the growth of hair as it comprises of biotin. Merging yolk to your diet chart allows your body to obtain a decent and a regular source of biotin.


Oyster, a decent resource of zinc and protein, might avoid hair loss and enhance the growth of hair. Putting in oyster into your daily diet might constantly be noncompulsory since it’s tough to discover them in normal marketplaces. However, in case you are going out to eat, make sure you consume this nutritious food and obtain lovely hair as an advantage!



Walnut comprises of elements such as iron, omega fatty acid, zinc, and vitamin B, which might be able to improve your hair growth. Walnuts may be eaten on daily basis on an empty stomach or at the time of breakfast to stimulate the growth of hair. Add this to your daily chart and will definitely make your hair look amazingly healthy.

Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes comprise of the elements such as vitamin-A, beta carotene, and Vitamin C that enhances the growth of hair.



Omega 3 is a necessary fatty acid which is required by the body to yield the hair cells. Salmon is an organic and delicious resource of the omega 3 fatty acids.