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Jiangsu Haixun Group Corporation(the original nameNantong Haixun Industry&Commerce Co.,
Ltd.) was built in 1986, which has owned total capital 320  million.  The  headquarters  is  located  in  Haian, Jiangsu. The factories are situated in Haian Economic Development Zone, Nantong Jiangsu; Tongzhou Jufu Development Zone,Beijing; Development Zone Micro-electronics Industry Garden, Tianjing, with total areas 600 acres of which standard factories have more than 98,000m3, including over 30,000m3 international standard clean workshops.

The company has many empolyees with highest school record, such as: doctor, master and EMBA Master, including outstanding students who come from domestic famous colleges and universities, such as: Qinghua University, Beijing University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Hebei Industrial University, ect All of them are enormous assets to Haixun Group who are dedicated to researching, developing and managing

The total production and distribution of Haixun Group reached 560 million in 2006 The company has formed collectivization pattern which takes Jiangsu Haixun Industry&Commerce Co Ltd as parent company The company belongs to private enterprise of the joint stock system So far, the company has main eight filiales, that is, Nantong Haixun Draka Elevator Products Co,Ltd (China&USA Joint Venture), Jiangsu Haixun Railway Equipment Group Share Co, Ltd, Nantong Haixun Tianheng Nanometer Technology Co,Ltd, Nantong Haixun Biology Technology Co, Ltd, Nantong Yihe Special Chain Co,Ltd, Beijing Haixun Machine&Technology Co,Ltd, Tianjin Jingling Electronic Material Science and Technology Co,Ltd, Beijing Haixun Huatian Electronic Material Co,Ltd, four of which are China and foreign countries Joint Venture In April, 2006 Haixun Group has set up?American Franklin Iternational Company in USA, which becomes the first oversea investment company in Nantong The products contain elevator parts, railway fittings,?solid garage, micro-electronics material, LCD, sanitizing lines and so on Our main trades are related to rubber, plastic, machanism, chemical engineering, electron, international trade,ect Now Haixun Group is leading company producing elevator parts,solid garage parts, railway fittings in China

Tianjing Jingling Company, established based on micro-electronics of Hebei Industry Uninversity, has become an famous company producing basic material of GSI at home. It also has established postdoctoral base. Railway fittings and sanitizing compounds has respectively earned the licence of production from Railway Department and health department. The company is good at connecting special rubber, rubber with metal, plastical molding, sheet-metal processing, welding, heat treatment, LCD design and surface treatment of micro-electronics materials. The laboratory has passed qualified attestation of Province Quality Measurement. The company has established Nantong GSI CMP Polishing Project Research Centre and Nantong Technology Centre. The company of ISO9001 Quality Systems passed international attestation of DNV in 1998 and Q-PLUS attestation of Qtis in 2002. At present, ISO14000 and ERP Informationization have been applying, so the company can control the whole group of trans-zones management through long-distance control system.

Through own efforts, our company has earned various reputation, such as, Jiangsu High-tech Company, Considering Contract and Keeping Faith Corporation of Jiangsu, Jiangsu Province Trial Enterprise of Information Impetus Industrialization , Nantong Star Enterprise, Nantong AAA Level Financial Status Enterprise, Nantong Key Enterprise , Nantong Civilized Workunit, Nantong hundred strong enterprises , Nantong Industry Leading Company,ect.. The two products of our company have awarded successively two titles National Torch Plan and National Level Key New Product , besides, more than 20 item of new products attain the national patents.

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